A Perfume for Pomegranate Lovers


Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is a perfume that has long been on my wish list. A while back I received it as a gift, and I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since. A perfect perfume for spring and summer, though I’ll most likely wearing it year round.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is described as a dark and enigmatic scent. The top notes include raspberry, pomegranate, plum and rhubarb while the middle notes consist of lily of the valley, jasmine, and pink pepper. Lastly, the base notes are cedar, patchouli, musk, and amber.

This is such a different scent to what I’m used to. Although it is still in the Fruity category of Jo Malone perfumes, it’s a lot different than others, such as Orange Blossom. When you first spray this it has a very strong fruity smell along with some spice due to the clove notes. Once it dies down and settles a bit the woody and musk notes really come into play.

I’ve found that this perfume has one of the best staying powers out of all the perfumes I’ve tried from Jo Malone. Although this has some sharp fruity notes when it is first applied, I could imagine this being a good unisex scent, due to the musk and wood notes.

Like usual, the packaging is gorgeous. The bottle is a monochromatic large glass bottle. The design is very simple but still manages to be very classy.

Overall I’m really glad I have gotten hold of this perfume. It’s a very refreshing scent that I can see myself for months to come. Blackberry and Bay, I’m coming for you next.


Currently Listening: Passion Pit


For my next installment of the Currently Listening: series, I decided to focus one of my favourite bands, Passion Pit. Passion Pit is very close to my heart, as I have liked them for a long time, and I discovered them myself, and whenever I play their songs I get flashbacks of memories.

Passion Pit is an American Indietronica (Indie Electronic) band that was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007. The band is comprised of six members, Michael Angelakos (provides lead vocals and keyboards), Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Folb (bass/synthesizers), Giuliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers), Pete Cafarella (synthesizers), and Ray Suen (guitar/synthesizers.) However, the latter five members only perform with Michael during live performances, as instead of a band, the track in the studio is consisted of all electronic mixes.

In the fall of 2008, the band’s EP, Chunk of Change was released, and their public reception is what started this band. In 2009 Passion Pit released their debut album Manners. This album received extremely good critical reception, which would then lead into their follow up album, Gossamer, being released in 2012. This is when I first discovered Passion Pit. I heard Carried Away and I was in love. Their sound was nothing like I heard before. It reminded me of a happy, disco type song (great description, I know). Once I heard this, I was just completely in love with this band. I soon bought the whole album, and I listened to the album non stop. On April 21, 2015, Passion Pit’s third album, Kindred, was released. There are 10 songs on the album, and they are all unique in their own way. Most of these songs are more electronic, but some fit into the rap genre. I don’t usually enjoy rap, but I really enjoy these songs. Even though this came out over a month ago, I’m still absolutely obsessed with this album. I really feel that Passion Pit has something to offer to everyone. No matter what kind of genre you like, you’re bound to find a song to love.

I really feel that Passion Pit are underrated as a band, and I think they deserve a lot more attention, as they are absolutely amazing. I really hope that after this post, you’ll check out Passion Pit, and will begin to love them as much as I do.

The Mascara That Falls Short


I have been recently testing out Benefit’s new Mascara, Roller Lash, these past few weeks, and I thought it was time to share my thoughts about it.

Roller Lash had been created to be like a roller for your eyelashes, using own specially designed Hook ‘n’ Curl brush, this mascara promised to eliminate the need of an eyelash curler, and to separate and lift the lashes.

As much I was wanted to love this mascara, I just couldn’t. I don’t find it curls at all. I tried it without a lash curler for the first week or so and then and just realized that it wasn’t working for me on it’s own. I have lashes that naturally grow downward, so I was really hoping that this would work for me. I tried it with an eyelash curler after. At first, I really liked the results, but around ten minutes later my lashes drooped downward and became stick straight once again. I still wore it around, just seeing if it would change my opinion on it at all. It didn’t. This smudged so easily around my eyes, and it just got to the point where my under-eyes were dark grey. This looks pretty natural on the lashes. It doesn’t really lift or curl or add any volume to the lashes, but I find that it really defines them to make them look really fluttery. After this is applied this makes your lashes feel really soft, which is quite different, as most mascaras dry really stiffly.

As much as I didn’t really care for the product itself, I really liked the packaging and the wand. The mascara has a silicone handle on the wand of the mascara, and I find it really aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoyed the brush itself, as I found it was really easy to reach the roots of my lashes, something I usually find extremely difficult with other mascaras.

I feel like mascara is one of the hardest things to shop for, and you can’t always take someone’s word for it, as we all have different eyelashes. Personally it didn’t curl or do anything spectacular for my eyes. If you have eyelashes that are easy to curl or already curly, I’d say that this mascara would be an option for you, but for people like me who’s eye makeup easily smudges and have hard to curl lashes, I’d just say skip it, as I feel like there’s a lot more better mascaras out there.

MAC Do Brushes

It’s no surprise that MAC do brushes. With the cult following they’ve received, the brushes have a lot to look up to. I’ve recently purchased three new MAC brushes: The 239, 217, and the 109. I’m talking about the two eye brushes today.

MAC 217 and 239Way back when, I bought my first MAC brush, the 217, but I had seem to have lost it a while back and I decided I couldn’t go without it for any longer. These brushes are on the more expensive side, but when it comes to makeup brushes, you’re really paying for the quality of the brush itself. The 217 brush is a great brush for blending eyeshadows in the crease and also applying cream eyeshadows. I usually use it for the former option, but it’s an extremely versatile brush. It also works for applying and blending a cream concealer (think Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer) but also amazing to apply a setting powder underneath the eyes. The 239 is a new brush for me. An all over shader brush, this really packs a punch. This will really pack on eyeshadow on the eyelid, but it’s also amazing to use to apply pigments. I’m really glad I purchased these, as they have become everyday essentials for me, and they have just made my daily routine a little more exciting. Although expensive, these brushes are definitely worth a look if you’re looking for some good quality investment brushes.

Best of 2014: Etc


Best of 2014: Etc. Today’s post marks the last instalment of my series, Best of 2014. It’s only 3 months late! 😉 Today’s post is a large one, as it’s talking about my favourite music, books, and movies of 2014. This year has been a good year for music, movies and books for me, both new and old.

Perks of Being a Wallflower:
I first read this in June of this year, after becoming obsessed with the movie. This has become one of my favourite books I’ve read to date. It looks like a fast read on the outside, but the book is actually really intense and serious, and makes you concentrate on it, making it not the easiest read. I absolutely love it though. I read it again after starting high school, and I’m understanding the book differently than I was in June. This is such an amazing book, and one that I’d recommend to everyone. I published a review of this book back in June, so if you’re interested in reading it, you can find it here.

The Hobbit:
This year could pretty much be nicknamed ‘Year of the Hobbit’. I had to read this book this past year for English, and I’m so glad I did. I became obsessed with The Hobbit, and I don’t know how I’d be without this. I’ve read this so many times now, and it never gets old. This book is written so incredibly well, and the characters are extremely well developed. Thanks to this book, I have taken an extremely liking to Thorin Oakenshield 😉 But besides that, this book has never left my side since. A more in depth review is coming your way shortly.

I read this in April last year, and although I haven’t read it recently, I still remember it as an extremely well written book. This book focuses on a ‘fangirl’ type thing that is quite different and unique to the young adult novel scene. After reading this book and Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell has become one of my favourite authors. Her books for young adults are extremely well written, and she focuses on subjects much different to other YA books. This book focuses on a girl who writes fanfiction about two book characters (These book characters are based off of Draco and Harry of Harry Potter), and her experience as a freshman in college. I wrote a much more detailed review of this book, and if you are interested in this book, you can do so here.

Harry Potter Series:
The book that’s pictured here is the Deathly Hallows, though I was actually thinking of putting a picture of the whole series, but decided against it in the end. I don’t know what I would’ve been like if I didn’t read this series. They became one of my favourite books, and have honestly become a huge part of me. These are so insanely well written, and they’re really fun and interesting to read.

Movies and TV:
Perks of Being a Wallflower:
I read this before I watched the movie, and I got to say I’m glad I did. Reading this before I read the book, made me understand the book much more easily. This is a great adaption of the amazing book. The choice of actors and actresses made the movie even better than it already was. I remember a distinct time in June and July where I watched this non stop. Watching it again once I was in high school really made me enjoy this to a new extent. 

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies:

This is by far my favourite movie of the year, and one of my favourite movies to date. I saw this movie twice, and I honestly want to see it again. I saw it opening day with my English class and it was one of the best experiences of my life. This is by far my favourite movie out of the three, which is really saying something as I absolutely loved the first two. This made me laugh, cry, and smile. This was a great conclusion to the Hobbit series, and for Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth. Although the book has been modified to fit the movie, the modifications that were made really enhanced the viewing of the movie. Let me just warn you though, that this is a real tear jerk. I am counting down to when this gets released on DVD, and I am honestly so excited to binge watch it. 

The Lego Movie:

Seeing as I’m a little kid at heart and I love LEGO, I thought this movie combined two of my loves into one great movie. This movie focuses on a so called “average” Lego man, Emmet, who discovers that he himself is The Special, also known as the “most interesting person in the entire world.” This focuses on his mission as the Special, and things really take a turn during the second half of the film. Even though this is targeted towards little kids, it’s definitely a great movie for people of all ages.

The Office:

This show hands down is my favourite TV program ever. I watched the whole series during the summer, and I can’t believe what an amazing series it is. I’m almost finished rewatching the series for the second time, and it’s hard to believe, but I’m enjoying it even more than before. There are countless scenes that will make you laugh so hard you will cry. This is such a feel good program, and if I’m ever having a bad day, this show cheers me right up. Even though this show is completely scripted, the amazing actors and actresses in The Office make this show come to life. I have so many scenes saved onto my computer, for when I need a laugh or a pick me up.

For the music portion of the ‘Best of:’ series, I created a Spotify playlist of all my favourites over the year.

Best of 2014: Beauty Tools

For today’s instalment of the Best of 2014 series, I’m going to be talking about my favourite beauty tools, skincare, and body care.


Clarisonic Mia 2:
I received this for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I can honestly tell you it’s one of my favourite and most loved Christmas gifts. I use this every night, and it has made a world of a difference in my skin. This is an expensive beauty product, but for the amount of times I’ve used it, and how much it’s changed my skin, I can honestly say it’s worth the money.

This is one of my favourite beauty tools. It is my favourite tool to apply foundation or concealer, as it blends so seamlessly, and makes my skin look airbrushed. It is extremely expensive for a sponge. There are a lot of less expensive dupes out on the market, but in my opinion, nothing can be as good as the beautyBlender.

Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser:
This is such a great cleanser. Nothing was working for my skin, but this really did. This takes away the excess oil on my face, and has really gotten rid of some of the tough blemishes. It’s a little expensive, but for the amount of product you get, and the quality of the product, it’s definitely worth it.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Bodywash:
This is my favourite shower gel, hands down. It has the most amazing smell, and I’m obsessed with it. It smells a little bit tart, due to the lime, but also sweet, due to brown sugar. I find the scent so nice to use in the shower, and the amount of product you get in the bottle is incredible. I received this last year for Christmas, and I have a little less than half left. This is a rather affordable body wash, for the price to mL ratio. Definitely one of my favourite body products, especially paired with the Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Body Butter.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Tomorrow’s post will be all about my favourite songs, books, movies, and TV shows.

Best of 2014: Fragrance

Today’s instalment of the ‘Best Of’ series, I’m going to be talking about my three favourite perfumes of the year.


Diptyque Philosykos:
I bought this in Toronto during the summer, after hearing so many rave reviews about it. Although it’s pretty pricey, I do not regret purchasing it. This is such a unique scent, and I love it so much. It has a strong lasting power, and it’s such a pretty scent. Definitely one of my favourite scents.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede:
Another year, another Jo Malone perfume. Jo Malone will always have a place in my heart. Jo Malone makes my favourite perfume, Orange Blossom, and now this one. These fragrances are so ‘pure’ and simple, and that’s what makes them so unique. This is such a pretty scent, and it’s much different from other floral perfumes. Paired with Orange Blossom, this creates one of the prettiest scent combinations.

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple (Not Pictured):
I think by now, almost everyone knows how much I love this fragrance. I don’t know how, but Bath & Body Works has made one of my favourite fragrances. Sadly, this only comes around Christmas, so it isn’t readily available. I have quite a few bottles of this in my stockpile, so I don’t plan on running out of this anytime soon. Seeing as though it’s just a fragrance mist, the lasting power is not very good, but seeing as it’s a budget friendly product, it’s fine.

Come back tomorrow for the ‘Best Of 2014: Beauty Tools’ edition.