Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.jpg

It’s been a while since my last post, and I thought I would start up again by speaking about one of my favourite products, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

I tried these lip balms a while back after receiving them for free from Sephora. Since then, they have always been on my wish-list, until this past summer in Montréal, I picked up my first one, Berry. I have been loving it ever since, as it leaves a tint to lips while keeping your lips hydrated. This past Christmas, I received a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment gift set, consisting of seven miniature tubes of the lip treatments. 

These lip balms are some of the best I’ve tried. They are both extremely hydrating and long-lasting. The lip balms provide your lips with a tint, and after the shine of the balm has diminished, it leaves a stain to your lips. These balms contain brown sugar to lock in moisture, as well as many oils that help to hydrate the lips.

These smell of sugared lemons, and the packaging feels very luxe. The packaging is metal with a twist off lid, which keeps the product inside secure. My most used shades of the bunch are the Berry and the Nude shades, as they are such easy go-to shades. I also really enjoy both the Original and the Advanced Treatments, as they are perfect for no-makeup days, but also hydrating enough to use as an overnight treatment.

Although these lip balms are on the more expensive side of the price spectrum, the lip balms are most definitely worth purchasing.


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