The Mascara That Falls Short


I have been recently testing out Benefit’s new Mascara, Roller Lash, these past few weeks, and I thought it was time to share my thoughts about it.

Roller Lash had been created to be like a roller for your eyelashes, using own specially designed Hook ‘n’ Curl brush, this mascara promised to eliminate the need of an eyelash curler, and to separate and lift the lashes.

As much I was wanted to love this mascara, I just couldn’t. I don’t find it curls at all. I tried it without a lash curler for the first week or so and then and just realized that it wasn’t working for me on it’s own. I have lashes that naturally grow downward, so I was really hoping that this would work for me. I tried it with an eyelash curler after. At first, I really liked the results, but around ten minutes later my lashes drooped downward and became stick straight once again. I still wore it around, just seeing if it would change my opinion on it at all. It didn’t. This smudged so easily around my eyes, and it just got to the point where my under-eyes were dark grey. This looks pretty natural on the lashes. It doesn’t really lift or curl or add any volume to the lashes, but I find that it really defines them to make them look really fluttery. After this is applied this makes your lashes feel really soft, which is quite different, as most mascaras dry really stiffly.

As much as I didn’t really care for the product itself, I really liked the packaging and the wand. The mascara has a silicone handle on the wand of the mascara, and I find it really aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoyed the brush itself, as I found it was really easy to reach the roots of my lashes, something I usually find extremely difficult with other mascaras.

I feel like mascara is one of the hardest things to shop for, and you can’t always take someone’s word for it, as we all have different eyelashes. Personally it didn’t curl or do anything spectacular for my eyes. If you have eyelashes that are easy to curl or already curly, I’d say that this mascara would be an option for you, but for people like me who’s eye makeup easily smudges and have hard to curl lashes, I’d just say skip it, as I feel like there’s a lot more better mascaras out there.


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