Best of 2014: Fragrance

Today’s instalment of the ‘Best Of’ series, I’m going to be talking about my three favourite perfumes of the year.


Diptyque Philosykos:
I bought this in Toronto during the summer, after hearing so many rave reviews about it. Although it’s pretty pricey, I do not regret purchasing it. This is such a unique scent, and I love it so much. It has a strong lasting power, and it’s such a pretty scent. Definitely one of my favourite scents.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede:
Another year, another Jo Malone perfume. Jo Malone will always have a place in my heart. Jo Malone makes my favourite perfume, Orange Blossom, and now this one. These fragrances are so ‘pure’ and simple, and that’s what makes them so unique. This is such a pretty scent, and it’s much different from other floral perfumes. Paired with Orange Blossom, this creates one of the prettiest scent combinations.

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple (Not Pictured):
I think by now, almost everyone knows how much I love this fragrance. I don’t know how, but Bath & Body Works has made one of my favourite fragrances. Sadly, this only comes around Christmas, so it isn’t readily available. I have quite a few bottles of this in my stockpile, so I don’t plan on running out of this anytime soon. Seeing as though it’s just a fragrance mist, the lasting power is not very good, but seeing as it’s a budget friendly product, it’s fine.

Come back tomorrow for the ‘Best Of 2014: Beauty Tools’ edition.


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