25 Reasons to Love Christmas

Well, it’s December 1, which means it’s officially Christmas time. Seeing as though it is Christmas time, I’ve decided to do something called Blogmas. Most of you have heard what ‘Vlogmas’ is, but instead vlogging everyday until Christmas, I’ll be blogging. I’m really excited for this! There will be a ton of Christmas posts coming your way very soon.

To kick off Blogmas, I have decided to do my 25 Reasons to Love Christmas. Christmas is my favourite day of the year, and December is my favourite month. There are way more than 25 reasons to love Christmas, but since Christmas is 25 Days away I picked 25.

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#1. Christmas Spirit. I love December because it seems like everyone is happy and everyone is in the spirit of Christmas.

#2. Decorating the Christmas Tree. This would probably be one of my favourite things to do in December for preparation of Christmas.

#3. Listening to Christmas Music. I’m one of those people that could listen to Christmas music year round. But once it actually plays regularly on the radio, that’s when you know it’s Christmas.

#4. Christmas Lights. I absolutely love driving by people’s houses and looking at all of the Christmas lights. They also look really good in photos. 🙂

#5. Christmas Movies. YESYESYESYES. I love Christmas movies so much it’s crazy. I have so many favourites that I watch every year and I find once I watch a Christmas movie I am in full on holiday mode.

#6. Receiving and Giving Gifts. Gifts are one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Not receiving, but giving them. I really enjoy seeing the looks on people’s faces when they open their gifts.

#7. Christmas Shopping. Again, one of my favourite parts. I love to see how malls and stores are decorated for Christmas and just buying gifts for everyone you love.

#8. Holiday Starbucks Drinks. I couldn’t do this post without talking about Starbucks. I love Starbucks year round, but I love them most when it’s Christmas. Once the Red Cups have come out, that’s when you know it’s Christmas. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates and Caramel Brûlée Frappuchinos are my favourites at this time.

#9: Christmas Candles. This may sound stupid but I absolutely love being able to burn Christmas candles and make my room smell like a Christmas tree.

#10. Advent Calendars. I love all the advent calendars at Christmas time and opening them up each day to reveal a small gift. I really find that I get into the Christmas spirit whenever I start an advent calendar.

#11. Paper Snowflakes. I’m sure many of had made these before you were little, but these are just such fun things to make. They’re easy to make and although I’m older now, I still enjoy making these.

#12. Snow. I absolutely love snow. Which is good, since I live in Canada, and we get a lot of it. I hate the cold, but I love snow because it means that Christmas is coming.

#13. Hot Chocolate. It seems like the only time I drink hot chocolate is at Christmas time. I love it though.

#14. Christmas Piano songs. Again with the music, but Christmas music are my absolute favourite things to play on the piano. They’re just so festive!

#15. Christmas Parties. At my age right now, I don’t go to a lot of Christmas parties, but the ones I have went to have always been really fun and enjoyable.

#16. Christmas Ads. I’m probably the only person to like these but they actually make me so happy to see. My favourite is probably the Folgers Christmas Commercial that’s been around for years. I really hope someone else knows what I’m talking about here.

#17. The Anticipation. I must say that the month leading up to Christmas is probably better than the day it’s self. I just like the build up to the day with all the decorations, songs, shopping, movies, etc.

#18. The Decorations. Along with the lights, another one of my favourite things to see is all of the decorations.

#19. Gingerbread Houses. I haven’t done this in recent years, but making a gingerbread house was always one of my favourite things to do at this time of year.

#20. The Baking. I don’t think Christmas could be complete without some baking.

#21. Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I love wearing these. I love how tacky they are and they just make me happy.

#22. Christmas Traditions. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, all families do something annually at Christmas that’s special or holds meaning to them.

#23. The Countdown. As I love Christmas, I have a countdown. Year round. I have an app that has a countdown with Christmas characters and plays Christmas music. Though I love the traditional ones too.

#24. Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve Eve (the night of Christmas Eve) is such a great time. You realize that the morning after will be Christmas, which makes me so excited. I tend to eat a lot of good food and watch some movies this night.

#25. Christmas Day. My favourite of them all clearly. I can’t even express in words how much I love Christmas.

Why do you love Christmas?



One thought on “25 Reasons to Love Christmas

  1. The absolute best part of Christmas is seeing how happy the people you give presents to are! The excitement, smiles on their faces, knowing that if you’ve tried extra hard to get that perfect gift, it’s been a success … can’t get any better than that! And of course, spending time with the ones you love …

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