My New Favourite Perfume – Diptyque Philosykos

Diptyque PhilosykosI think I may have found one of my new go-to fragrances, Diptyque Philosykos. I bought this in August in Toronto at Holt Renfrew, as my first foray into the Diptyque brand. I’ve heard a lot about the brand, especially their candles and perfumes, and although I wasn’t ready to shell out $60 for a candle, I was quite interested in their perfumes. The perfume I went for is the Philosykos perfume. This pick is quite unusual for me as I’m usually geared towards fruity or floral type perfumes. This perfume smells of a creamy fig, but more green. You won’t find any sweet notes in this perfume. This is Diptyque’s best selling Eau De Toilette, and I can definitely understand why. The scent is not common with other perfume brands and this would definitely be a secret daily staple for some, and now for me too. The lasting power of this is okay, but not great. Though knowing that it is a EDT and not an EDP, it’s not surprising. Overall this has become one of my daily go-to fragrances. I find myself reaching for this constantly, and even though this is a little more expensive than some perfumes, I do not regret purchasing this perfume one bit.


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