July LRW

July had to be one of my favourite months of this year so far. It was a rather busy and eventful one, especially in the later half of the month. I don’t have a lot of favourites this month, but I feel the ones that I have are still worth noting.

‘5 Seconds of Summer’ album
This album is perfect. I mean 5SOS is perfect, so it was rather obvious to me that it would be the same with their first album. I have been listening to this for the last half of July and loving it. I don’t have any favourites yet, but once I do I’ll most certainly let you know.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I finally reached the end of the Harry Potter series and let me tell you, I was not prepared for it. Most of you already know how the story goes in the Deathly Hallows due to either reading the book or watching the movie. I really can’t give any of the plot away, because it might be spoilers for some people. But let me tell you, JK Rowling wrote the most amazing ending to this series. I laugh, I cried (a LOT) and when I finished the last sentence of the last page, I had a smile on my face. I’m begging everyone to please read these books. They are some of the best books I’ve ever read.

Amelia Liana’s ‘Best Breakfast Ever’ post
I have been on an avocado kick recently and I’ve needed some avocado recipes and I found just the one: Amelia’s ‘Best Breakfast Ever’ post. Simple, but extremely tasty. One of my favourite healthy recipes right now.

Vivianna Does Makeup’s ‘Running Playlist’ post
As I said earlier in my Five Happy Things, I have slowly, but surely, been getting into running. I am always in the mood for new music, so I thought Anna’s post was the best of both worlds.

Quotes with Watercolour – Centsational Girl
Now this post is a good one. Centsational Girl shows us how to DIY a quote with watercolour paint. Awesome idea! I can’t wait to pick up the right materials to make this DIY.

The Pros & Cons of having a Full Fringe – From Roses
I have recently been thinking of chopping some of my locks off in turn for a fringe. Have I decided what to do with my hair? Not yet. That’s why this post that Rebecca from From Roses has been such a good help with my decision. Rebecca has a full fringe herself (and let me just add, it looks gorgeous on her!) and she spoke about the pros and cons she found having a full fringe. Once it gets closer to decision time I’ll definitely be referring back to this post.

Turnip For What Blog
Yes, surprise surprise, I have found a new blog to read. It’s called Turnip For What (great name!) and it’s run by two very sweet girls named Sophie and Lilah. The main thing that their blog focuses on is healthy eating, which means lots of information on healthier alternatives and lots of recipes! I’ve been reading their blog all month and my favourite recipes they’ve posted certainly have to be the Apple Nut Butter Breakfast Melts and the Healthy Fruit Galette. If you wanna find out more about their blog, click here to see more.

The Office
This month I watched the whole series of The Office. Shhhh. This series made me laugh, cry and everything in between. This series was such a fun one to watch and I constantly looked forward to watching some more episodes. There was too many funny and sad parts on The Office to count. I think I liked the series so much as it was relatable and realistic. Since it was a mockumentary, you really understood how the characters were feeling. Overall this show has become one of my favourite TV shows to watch.

Zoella’s Makeup Collection
Finally! Zoella has finally put up her makeup collection video! Sooooo darn good. There’s nothing much you can say about a makeup collection, but I just love makeup collection videos and this one was very fun to watch.

Lily Pebble’s MAC Palette Tour
Lily has really hit it out of the park with this video. Again, I love tour/collection videos, and I love MAC eyshadows, so this was a two in one. Lily goes through her MAC collection, but my favourite part is her demonstrating some of her favourite looks. Don’t even get me started on her editing skills. Seriously.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this month’s Listens. Reads. Watches. If you had any favourite this month, feel free to comment below!


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