The Do-All Makeup Sponge


Ah yes, I’m talking about the coveted beautyBlender sponge. The sponge that also costs around $26. Many makeup artists use it and rave about it, but a lot of people are left wondering, ‘is it really worth the price?’ Hint: It is.

You really don’t have to go into insane detail about this sponge. It is a (usually) bright pink, egg shaped sponge. Supposedly, this is a sponge that blends your face makeup so it looks seamless. It does just that. This sponge makes even the fullest coverage foundation look flawless. I use this with almost all my base makeup products. If you have problems with concealer creasing under your eyes, then this sponge will be a lifesaver for you. This sponge will do things for your base makeup that a makeup brush never could. In order to use this sponge, all you have to do is run it under water, wring the water out of the sponge so the sponge is left slightly damp, and then you’re set!

Cleaning this sponge is very simple. All you have to do is rinse the foundation out by running water over the sponge, or use a beautyBlender cleanser or solid.

Overall I think this sponge is definitely worth the price it comes with. The amount of things you can use this sponge for is nearly endless, and I feel confident saying that you will not regret purchasing this sponge.



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