Currently Listening: Said the Whale


For my new series, Currently Listening, I decided to start it off with a bang. A band called Said the Whale is starting it all. Most of you have probably never heard of Said the Whale. Heck, I didn’t know they existed till about two months ago, when one of my friends (aka indie music buddy) introduced me to them and thought I might like them. Boy, she was right. Thanks by the way, if you’re reading this. 😉 Now let’s discuss who they are and some basic trivia about them.

Said the Whale is a Canadian (based in Vancouver, British Columbia) indie rock band. It originally started with two guys: Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft, who created the band in 2007. They have five current members: Ben Worcester, Tyler Bancroft, Nathan Shaw, Spencer Schoening and Jaycelyn Brown. Their debut EP, Takign Abalonia was released in 2007. Fast forward to September 17, 2013, Said The Whale released their fourth album, “hawaiii”.

Why I like them? They’re different from my usual mix of artists. Sure, I enjoy indie bands (previous to this my only indie band I actually listened to was Passion Pit). But it was basically impossible for me to find indie music I actually enjoyed. Until now, my taste in music consisted of Billboard 100 music and One Direction.

Their newest album, “Hawaiii”, is most definitely my favourite out of the four albums released so far. This album has a variety of different sounds, some more up-beat (Mother, On the Ropes, I Love You), more “close” to the heart (Narrows, Safe to Say) some have a dark aspect to them (More Than This, Helpless Son).

My favourite songs off their recent album? Mother (my favourite out of all of them, and coincidentally, the song that introduced me to Said the Whale), Narrows, On the Ropes, I Could Smoke and I Love You. But honestly, there is something on the album for everyone. I think that the whole album is worth buying, not just buy a couple of songs, because I almost guarantee that you will love the whole album. I hope this helped a few of you find something new to listen to, and even if you aren’t into indie, I have a feeling that this band while change your opinions on indie.


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