Mama’s Got New Jujus


Before we get into things, please excuse the title. At the time I was writing it I thought I was rather witty with the use of play on words and I didn’t really want to change it as I thought it was great and catchy title.

As you can tell, I have new Jujus. My first pair! If you are not familiar with Jujus, they are a UK based brand that specializes in jelly shoes. Yes in my mind, jelly shoes are making a comeback. I love my Jujus! I ordered them from ASOS.

The style I have is the Maxi Slingback Flat Jelly Sandals in Black. I chose black, because it is one of my favourite colours currently, and it goes with everything. I couldn’t decide between black and clear glitter, but I chose black because it’s more classy. Yes everybody, Jelly shoes are “classy.” I am honestly so pleased with these. I’ve only had them for less then two days but I wanted to post about them as soon as possible as I am so excited about them. So far I haven’t had any ‘breaking in shoes’ problems. I accidentally ordered a half size too big, as I got the UK sizes mixed up with the North American men and women sizes. No biggy, at least if I grow I’ll still be able to wear them. The finish of these shoes makes them look so chic, or at least as chic jelly shoes can be. I’m so glad that there are brands such as Jujus that still make jelly shoes, as I have wanted a pair for ages. So far I noticed that these are very easy to care for. These stay clean most of the time, but if you get dirt or a smudge something on them, ASOS recommends wiping them with a soft cloth. I have tried this just to test it, and I feel like this is the most effective way of cleaning your Jujus. I feel like the quality of these shoes is very high for the price point.

There are two type of people in this world. People who love Jelly shoes (me), and the people who hate them. There is no in between. You can’t order these if you are undecided about your thoughts about jelly shoes.

Being as this was my first order from ASOS, I was very pleased with the service. It took a little over seven working days, which I found quite impressing seeing as it was an international order. These are only for $43.03 CAD/£20 which I think is quite a good deal, and if you can get these on sale with a promotion code like I did, the price is even better.

Overall, I’m very glad I made this purchase. I am very excited to wear them more and I know that these will be a summer essential for me. All I need is a Pennyboard and I’ll be set for the summer (not really, but let’s roll with it).

{Maxi Slingback Flat Jelly Sandals in Black}


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