Bioderma VS. L’Oreal Micellar Water

Bioderma and L'Oreal Micellar Water


Ah micellar waters. A water based cleanser people have been going crazy for. The cult favourite? Bioderma, of course. Since then, there has been many releases of cleansing waters all from different brands. I decided to try and compare Bioderma to a more budget friendly option, L’Oreal Micellar Water. Overall, I was much more pleased with Bioderma, and I have two reasons why the L’Oreal water falls short.

1. Packaging Issues
The packaging on the L’Oreal water is terrible. The water will all squirt out at once and you cannot really control how much product you want on the cotton pad. I find myself wasting product as the water just drenches the cotton pad, when in reality, with better packaging you could save a whole lot of product.

2. The Formula
The formula of the L’Oreal water is an odd one. Once it has begun to sink into your skin, it starts to feel tacky. It feels a tad sticky, which is not a very enjoyable experience. I prefer the Bioderma formula by far. It makes your face feel clean without a tacky or oily residue.

If Bioderma wasn’t even available in Canada, I would have probably used the L’Oreal version. But after Bioderma, there’s no chance going back. I will figure out away to use the bottle up, but I sure won’t be purchasing it again, at least, anytime soon. I suppose if Bioderma was a. out of your price range, or b. hard to find, then I would go with the L’Oreal, but if Bioderma is available and you’re comfortable paying the price for it, then definitely go for Bioderma.


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