The Five Happy Things: #1

Five Happy Things #1

Today I am starting my ‘The Five Happy Things” weekly series which just recaps my favourite five moments of the past week. This week was quite a good week, and I’ll explain why.

1. No School!
This week I had a week off of school due to Easter Holidays, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I may have not achieved a lot in the past week, but i sure did get a lot of reading done. Which brings me to my next point…

2. New Books!
For Easter I received a couple of new books, Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. Dare I say I like them better than The Fault In Our Stars? I do, actually. I have been reading non-stop this week and I’ve managed to get through four books in less than a week (Both of Rainbow Rowell’s books and first two Harry Potter novels), which made me feel quite accomplished. I think I have finally fallen back in love with reading, which makes me so happy. It took me so long to find really good books, and I’m so happy that I did. I may have already written a list of books to buy.

3. Rainbow Rowell – Twitter
Of course, after I read two great pieces of literary work courtesy of Rainbow Rowell, naturally I spoke about it on Twitter. And what happened? RAINBOW ROWELL FAVOURITED AND REPLIED TO MY TWEET. Can you tell I’m freaking out? That may seem like nothing to you, but it made my day (days actually). Having read a book with an author that actually communicates with their readers is something special, and even though Rainbow Rowell may have just said thank you, it meant a lot more than that.

4. Harry Potter
I mean this could fit into books, but I made it it’s own moment. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have began to read the Harry Potter series. I have started them before but never finished. After I finished my first two books, I decided that my next read would be the Harry Potter series, and let me just say, good pick Lauren, good pick. I have fallen in love with these books and like some characters more than others **cough cough Draco cough cough**. I don’t know why exactly I’m drawn to them, but they are such great novels and I just can’t put them down.

5. My Birthday
Most excitingly (in my mind) this week was the week of my birthday, Tuesday in fact. I had a great day. I received great gifts, and I got to spend my evening with my wonderful parents. I received such wonderful birthdays wishes, on social media and in real life. Whether it was in real life or not, it means a lot to me and made my day that more special and I’d like to thank everyone that did send me a birthday message.

I hope everyone enjoyed my first entry of my new series. If you haven’t read it already, today I also published a review on Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl novel.


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