Best of 2013: Etc.

The time has come to publish my last post of my ‘Best of 2013’ series. For today, the last post is all about the random favourites. This will feature my favourite bands/singers, song, candle, fragrance, book, YouTuber, etc. Let’s get on with the post!


I have talked about this so many times on this blog in 2013. It’s been my skincare staple for the whole year. It takes off your makeup, or you can just you it at a toner. It’s super gentle, works great, and just an amazing product in general. If you find this (either online or in stores) pick it up, you won’t regret it.

Essie Bahama Mama
One of my favourite polishes this year, and if you can’t tell from the photo, I’m almost through half of the bottle because I wear it so often. This is a no-fuss colour. If I can’t decide what to wear on my nails, I automatically just pick this one. It looks so beautiful and I love these cranberry colours. To see my review click here. (Once again, we should all just look at my photography. Thank goodness I have my DSLR or I don’t know what would’ve happened!)

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream
This is my other favourite polish of the year. It’s a super pretty, with major glitter. It has light blue sparkle as the base and has teal circle glitter suspended in the base. I wear this a lot, although not as much as my Essie, as this one is a little more pricey. Never the less, a great polish. Once again, to view my complete review with the awful photography, click here.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Perfume
Oh, how I love this perfume. I originally heard about this perfume from Amarixe in her 2012 Favourites. As I love oranges, I knew I had to smell it in person and see if it was as good as people said. As Jo Malone perfumes are quite pricey, I was contemplating getting this. That was until my mother bought me it as an early birthday present! I wear this so often, I’m surprised because it looks like I haven’t even used it. This perfume is very potent, so you just need a small spritz and you’re good to go. I would recommend this perfume if you like citrusy scents, even if you don’t I would highly recommend checking out Jo Malone’s fragrances in general, because you’re sure to find a scent you love.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I have gotten through a travel and a full size of this hand cream because it’s just THAT good. This is becoming a staple product, as I carry one in my backpack, my purse, and I keep one on my nightstand. The scent resembles Coco Mademoiselle, which is fine with me because I happen to be very fond of it. This is a thick hand cream that is nourishing, but doesn’t take long to sink in.

The Fault in Our Stars
This was the easiest choice out of everything. No book that I read this year could even be compared to this. I love this book so much, and I think I’ve read it twenty-something times. It’s an easy read, but an enjoyable one, and you really begin to have some connections to the characters. It does make you cry though. I have in fact done a complete book review on this explaining this in full detail. If you want to hear more about it, click here.

Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle

Wow, the stereotypical beauty blogger/vlogger candle. I think you’ve all heard a lot about this candle so I won’t go in too much detail. This is a candle that smells like fall (in my mind), but distinctly, fresh, crisp apples. This is supposed to be a fall scent, but I burn it year round.


Ingrid Nilsen – Missglamorazzi
I don’t think I could do my first year favourites post without including Ingrid. She was the first YouTuber I ever watched, and my favourite YouTuber by far. I get so excited when she posts a new video. She’s so happy and her videos always make my day. I remember freaking out when she favourited and replied to my tweet, as I look up to her, and her doing that was just amazing!


Zoe Sugg – Zoella
I discovered Zoe in early March, and I was immediately sucked in with her personality. She’s so funny and so happy, and I just love her humour. I always look to her if I need a video to cheer me up, as she always makes me smile and laugh. I love her videos and I’m so happy that she reached three million subscribers on YouTube!


Best Song Ever – One Direction
Ever since August, this has been my jam. I could honestly listen to this song everyday for the rest of my life and I could never get tired of it. I listen to it everyday already, so it would be fine with me. It’s such an upbeat song and is one of my favourites from One Direction. And the music video, of course. One word: Marcel. I have to honestly say, that for a while, the best part of the music video was when Marcel said “cute as a button, every single one of you.” Marcel is just perfect. I mean the music video is good, but Marcel steals the show.


Carried Away – Passion Pit
This is very unlike the song above. Passion Pit is an indie band, which I’m really getting into right now. This has a very 80’s pop vibe, which I just absolutely love. It’s so upbeat. I remember stumbling upon this on iTunes as this was the free song of the week, and thought I might as well listen to it. I hated it when I first listened to it, because I never really ever listened to indie music, so it was quite different than the Billboard Top 100. I love this song, and I would really recommend checking out Passion Pit’s latest album Gossamer.


One Direction
These five boys are my favourite band for 2013. I became obsessed with them this year, and they have just basically become my world. Not only do they have great music, they are rather attractive, specifically Harry. Their latest album Midnight Memories, is just perfection. There is not one song I don’t like on that album, and I have memorized the lyrics for all of the songs. They are just all perfect, and so is their music.


Great Gatsby
This has definitely been my favourite movie of 2013. I have never read the book, so I didn’t know anything about the story before I saw the movie. The actors for these roles are just perfect. Leonardo DiCaprio just nailed it on the head in this movie. He’s basically amazing in every movie I’ve seen him in. This is such a great movie, with a love story, and a surprising ending. It also features my favourite era, the Roarin’ 20’s. If I could choose any era to live in, it would be the 20’s. I would just love to be a flapper girl. Their fashion and their makeup is just so elegant and chic, and 20’s just look like they would’ve been a fun era to live in. The soundtrack is just amazing for this movie, and is the best soundtrack I’ve listened to made for a movie.

I hope you enjoyed my Best of 2013 Series. If you had any recommendations for future posts or want to share one of your favourites, feel free to comment below!


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