Essie Fiji

I’m back! Hi everyone, long time no see! Actually it’s long time no write! I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and I have only been home for a few days. While I was on my trip I bought a new camera, which is a major upgrade from my iPhone 5! I bought the Canon t3i! And I thought my iPhone photos were good! This takes amazing photos! I have finally gotten the hang of it, and this is the camera I will be using from now on!

Today I have brought you another NOTD, and this time it’s Essie’s Fiji! Fiji is described as being “an opaque creamy pale pink.” I originally heard about this through Miss Glamorazzi, who is probably the person who always influences me what to buy! πŸ™‚ She has talked a lot about this polish, and even included it in her 2012 Favourites. I have been wanting to try this colour for a while now, but never got around to it! I wanted to get some new nail polish, and this was one of the first to actually buy. Before I buy a nail polish, I always think if I have anything like it in my stash, and believe it or not, I only had one light pink, which was actually rather different to me, at least (It is OPI Pink Friday in case you’re wondering). I thought it was worth buying as I don’t have anything very similar to this color, and boy I sure am glad I did! This is a beautiful milky pink that’s perfect for both your hands and toes, but I only wear it on my hands. I bought this for $8 at Ulta.

Essie Fiji - On Nails

This is a rather sheer polish, as I had to use 2 – 3 coats to get the desired look above, but I think it looks great when it’s all finished. It dries to a shiny finish, but I would still use a top coat. I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine in this photo, my now Favourite or Holy Grail, if you will, Top Coat. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a review of it coming your way very soon! I have had it on for four days so far, and almost no chipping, except a minor chip on my thumb. The formulation is near perfect, besides the opacity. The colour is amazing. This would also look even more amazing on tan skin, which I do not have sadly, but I can see it working on all skin tones. I will be definitely painting my nails with this colour often, and I can see myself reaching for it in the Fall Season.

Fiji Label Close Up


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