Essie The Girls Are Out

I’m back with you today to share with you today my nail polish pick at the moment, and that currently is a new release from the Essie Summer 2013 Collection, The Girls Are Out. This is the second polish I’ve reviewed from the collection (Part 1 here, Part 2 coming soon) as I have also tested out Naughty Nautical. Let me just start up on the review! Note: this post is a little overdue, as I have since then changed my nail polish.

Name: Essie The Girls Are Out

Essie describes this colour on their website as a “fuchsia peony sparkle”. I personally almost completely disagree with this colour description. I would call it a “fuchsia creme with glass reflects”. Anyway, aside from the name, let me share my thoughts with you.

Let me just start off by saying on how beautiful the colour is. I have not seen anything in my life like this colour. The colour is rather unique because of the glass reflects. I couldn’t think of any dupes because it is so different.




Once again, the formula of the polish is absolutely perfect. The glass reflects in this polish, are much more noticeable than the reflects in Naughty Nautical. 2 coats make the polish ideal, as it will tend to become thicker as you add more coats. This is a jelly creme formula, though not a full on jelly because it is not completely transparent, but it does have some of the jelly aspects. The shimmer is really noticeable, especially in the sunlight. Do you need this colour? Yes, you do! I don’t believe this will become their top seller from the collection, I think that position belongs to Naughty Nautical or Sunday Funday (Review coming soon!)

Have you tried any of the new collection polishes? What colours suit your “fancy”? Leave me a comment below!


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