Essie Summer 2013

So summer has finally rolled around and that means that Essie’s Summer Collection is rolling out and hitting the shelves. This year the collection is called Naughty Nautical Collection. As you can probably tell, this is a rather nautical themed/named collection. This time around I didn’t second guess myself and I bought the colours I wanted right away, instead of waiting till the collection was almost completely sent back/sold out and me scrambling still not finding the polish (hello, Essie First Timer!). I definitely think that this is going to be a popular collection and is going to sell out fast, like most Essie collections. I picked up three: Naughty Nautical (teal blue with shimmer), The More the Merrier (bright lime green creme), and The Girls Are Out (A shimmery hot pink with a tint of purple). I am quite pleased with this Summer collection and I can’t wait to use them!

From Left to Right: The More The Merrier, Naughty Nautical, The Girls Are Out

From Left to Right: The More The Merrier, Naughty Nautical, The Girls Are Out

1. Naughty Nautical


Close up of the shimmer in the polish

Close up of the shimmer in the polish


This was the one nail polish I was initially going to buy, before I saw the two others. I initially wanted to buy it because of the shimmer. I’ve seen a lot of teal blue polishes, but none with shimmer. This is definitely a unique polish that will probably be the next First Timer of the Summer Collection. Once you see this, get it, because chances are, you won’t see it again.

2. The More the Merrier



This polish I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought I might’ve had something similar to it in my collection, but surprisingly I didn’t. This has to be one of the most perfect summer colours, and it would go great with a tan. This is a creme, no shimmer, unlike most of the collection which contains mostly shimmers. It is a bright vivid colour that I know I will get a lot of uses of.

3. The Girls Are Out



Close up of the polish showing the shimmer

Close up of the polish showing the shimmer

This is also a fairly unique shade. Again I’ve seen a few **understatement** hot pink polishes in my time, but never any with shimmer. This is also a perfect summer tan colour, but I can see it on any skin tone. This is a beautiful colour, not only good for summer, but for all year long!

So those are my picks of the Essie Summer 2013 Collection! I will be posting NOTD’s of all of them quite soon! In fact, I am wearing Naughty Nautical right now! Have bought any of these? What ones from the collection are your favourites? As always, tell me in the comments!


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