My Favourite Clothing Pieces

1. J. Crew Pixie Pants


As all of my friends know, I’m obsessed with these! These have to be the comfiest pants I’ve ever worn. These are flattering on anybody shape. The cool thing is that there is a zipper in the back. They are the priciest item on the list, but I got mine for 20% at the close to Christmas sale. These are a great investment, and once you buy them, you won’t look back!

2. Mossimo Juniors Yoga Capris


At only $15 these are a total steal. I wear them on lazy days, and are super comfy. They fit perfectly, and are a nice material. Two Words…. BUY THESE!

3. Mossimo Junior Thermal Top


This design is so adorable. Also at $15 you can get this, while staying warm in the winter months, and stay on a budget! I love the little bird design!

4. AE 3/4 Stripe Top in Blue/Peach/Pink

AE 3:4

Sadly this isn’t available anymore for you guys, but I got this back in the fall for only $20. This is a great piece for everyday wear. I really hope they bring this back!

5. a.n.a. 2 Tone Basket Weave Pullover in Coral


This is such a pretty top. Usually I don’t like ombre (wink wink nudge nudge friends!) but I’m a sucker for this. I’m not huge fan of JC Penney but when I was going into the Sephora I passed by this, and fell in love instantly. I got this for $20.

6. Old Navy Owl Sweater

OLD NAVY Sweater

I LOVE owls, and as soon as I came in to Old Navy I gasped and was like hallelujah! An owl sweater. I was hoping it wasn’t going to pill like other Old Navy sweaters in the past, and I was right! This still looks brand new!

So I hope you enjoyed todays post! Do you have any favourite clothing pieces? Tell me in the comments!


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